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Comunicação Verbal [Evento Teste]

20 Junho, 2017 | 08:00 - 17:00

Descrição do curso

This course is part of a personal journey from a very shy person to an international speaker, trainer and professor in more than 50 countries, in 4 continents.

I learned the hard way that our social status depends on our communication skills, so any investment of improving them has always return.

During this course I will share with you my own experience, tips and tricks that helped me to be a successful professional and to love presenting to any audience, no matter the size, place or culture.

The course follows a step-by-step approach starting before you open your mouth until well after you finish your presentation, with videos all the way.

The main points of the course are:

• Before you open your mouth.
• Let’s work in your presentation.
• Verbal communication – words to connect.
• The power of non-verbal communication.
• Tips & tricks of great communication.
• It’s not the end. It’s only the ending of the begining.

Because it is a course based in my experience I will use a very simple language very accessible especially for non native English speakers.

You can do this course in a fast way the first time and use it before any presentation as way to get ideas to captivate any kind of audience.

If you are shy and afraid of facing audiences this is the course for you!

Quais são as exigências?
No special requirements to do this course

O que serei capaz de fazer depois deste curso?
• Face audiences with confidence

Use verbal and non-verbal communication in a effective way
• Present in innovative and fun way
• Use presentation resources efficiently
• Verbal communication – words to connect.
• The power of non-verbal communication.Structure a presentation in order to achieve the its goals

Quem é o público-alvo?
• This course is meant to all people that need to face small or big audiences
• This course is very effective to shy people


20 Junho, 2017
08:00 - 17:00